Watch Glastonbury 22nd June, Day 1 Headliners{Muse} Live Stream, Performances live

Watch Glastonbury 22nd June, Day 1 Headliners{Muse} Live Stream, Performances live : Glastonbury festival is an annual event held in Glastonbury, UK. The festival is held for 4 days where people from all over the world come to the festival and stay in camps and enjoy with their friends. The festival is divided into Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 in which the performances are divided into headliners and other stage performances by famous Artists and bands. Country music, EDM, Rock Music are the favorite musicals among all the genres of music in Glastonbury 2016 festival.

  • Watch Glastonbury 2016 Music festival 22nd June 2016, Day 1 Muse Headliners performances live stream online, Get the links and details below.

Glastonbury 22nd June 2016 Day 1 Muse headliners Live Stream :

glastonbury 2016 muse live, glasotnbury muse performance live stream
Muse Rock band

The main stages for Day 1 are Pyramid stage, other stage, West Holts and John peel Stage. Some of the main performances/eye catchers are:
  1. Muse
  2. Bastille
  3. Bring me the Horizon

Muse Headliner performances live stream :

Muse is a famous Rock band known for their songs like Mercy, Madness, Uprising , psycho and many other interesting songs. For 2016 Glastonbury performances, Band members Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard, Chris Wolstenholme decided to donate their Glastonbury albums and money made on it to charity as a very positive move which led to coldplay doing the same.

 Many artists donate the money of Glastonbury to charity which makes it a soulful yet enjoyable musical event. With over 135,000 people gathering together to watch their favorite artists perform, we bring you the Live Stream information and how you can see glastonbury live.

To see Muse perform live in Glastonbury 2016 festival, tune into BBC on TV / BBC Music in mobile to watch Live coverage of the headliners performances of Day 1.

Watch Glastonbury Festival on TV Live Schedule, Coverage on BBC

How to Watch Glastonbury 2016 festival on TV, Glastonbury 2016 TV Schedule, Watch Glastonbury 2016 Live, Live coverage: Glastonbury 2016 is an annual music festival and as all the tickets have already been sold, all the other fans have nothing to do except watching it Live on TV. With Adele, Muse and Coldplay decided to be the headliners of 2016 Glastonbury festival, So many fans will be wanting to watch their favorite stars performing Live at a venue like Glastonbury. See How you can watch the Live TV Coverage of Glastonbury festival 2016 in your home.

Where to Watch Glastonbury 2016 Live Online on TV,  BBC full schedule, Live Coverage :

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BBC will stream 25 Hours of Live Glastonbury footage
From the past 19 years, BBC Music has been an official telecast partner to Glastonbury festivals and will continue to be so by streaming Glastonbury live this year and it marks a 20 years continuous telecast for BBC channels. To watch BBC Music Live on TV, you need to a working Dish Network or any TV network that will telecast Glastonbury. Other channels might be giving a coverage of Glastonbury in bits and pieces but BBC Live will be covering the whole music event and will provide most of the live feed.

Glastonbury TV Schedule :

The above TV Schedule and Coverage details are for BBC Music channel and the broadcasting will be starting from 22nd June, 2016.

Channels :
  • BBC One
  • BBC Two
  • BBC Four
Hosts : Alex Jones, Greg James

17th June, Friday, 8:00 a.m. : The gates for Glastonbury Festival will be opened.

22nd June, Wednesday, 11 a.m. : BBC one starts TV Coverage from THE ONE show, broadcasting from Pilton. Live coverage of 'Muse' for the main headliner for Day 1, will be broadcast on BBC Two.

23rd June, Thursday : TV coverage will be across the three channels and  Adele's headliner will be shown live on BBC Two

24th June, Friday : A decent amount of footage will be telecast and Coldplay's performance will be shown as the third headliner for Day 3 on BBC Two.

Other notable performances to look out on TV :

After the headliners, BBC will showing around 25 hours of Live feed from the festival and around 20 hours of other performances and highlights will be covered that may include :

  1. PJ Harvey
  2. LCD Soundsytem
  3. Wolf Alice
  4. The 1975
  5. Savages
  6. Joe Whiley
  7. Clara Amfo and many other performances
Also See and Download : Glastonbury 2016 Lineup

Live coverage from all the five main stages{ The pyramid, The other stage, West Holts, Park, John Peel}.

Some coverage from the stage BBC Introducing will also be telecast as some new bands showcase their musical talent.

So, this is the TV schedule for this year's Glastonbury BBC live coverage and Keep watching this space for latest news and any changes in the schedule.

Glastonbury 2016 Full Lineup, Set/Stage times announced, Download pdf

Glastonbury 2016 Full Lineup, Set times and Stage times for Main stages announced : The hype surrounding Glastonbury's headliners for the main stages is getting bigger everyday and although some of the lineup was leaked earlier, there were only some of the set times and stage times released officially. As the festival is starting in few days, Glastonbury managers took to their twitter account to release the official Glastonbury 2016 Full Lineup posters, Images along with Glastonbury 2016 Full Set times, Stage times.

See the details below.

Glastonbury 2016 Full Lineup Posters, Images, List PDF Download, Glastonbury 2016 Set times and Stage times for Pyramid stage and Other Stage announced :

The Official poster/image of the full lineup was released on twitter. The main headliners for the pyramid stage and many other stages has been released.

The total number of stages are :
  • Pyramid stage
  • Other stage
  • West hosts stage
  • John Peel Stage
  •  The Park Stage
  • Accoustic Stage
  • Avalon Stage
  • Glade
  • Left Field
  • WOW
  • Gully
  • Pussy parlure
  • The Blues
  • Stonebridge Bar
  • The Rabbit Hole
  • Bimble Inn
  • Sweet Charity
  • Genosys
  • London Underground
  • The Meat Rack
  • The temple
  • The Cave
  • The Rumshack and many other stages

Glastonbury 2016 Full lineup{Headliners} List for Pyramid Stage :

Glastonbury 2016 full lineup poster, Glastonbury 2016 lineup images, Glastonbury 2016 set times, Glastonbury 2016 stage times, Glastonbury 2016 lineup pdf download
Glastonbury 2016 Full lineup poster
Below is the Glastonbury Full Lineup list of Headliners for Pyramid Stage that include main headliners like Muse, Adele and Coldplay. See the list below.

Muse {Friday}

22:15 - 23:45

Adele {Saturday}

22:15 - 23:45

Coldplay {Sunday}

21:30 - 23:15

Foals {Friday} 20:00 - 21:15
Tame Impala {Saturday} 20:00 - 21:15
Beck {Sunday} 19:15 - 20:30
Ellie Gouldings {Sunday} 17:45 - 18:45
Jess Glynne {Friday} 16:30 - 17:30

Glastonbury 2016 Full Lineup, Glastonbury festival Set times and stage times pdf download :

Once you set your foot out to go for the festival, you may or may not have access to Internet and if you don't the set times and stage times for all the stages, you may get confused on which stage to attend and which performances to listen. With bands like Coldplay and LCD soundsystem and artists like Adele being the Headliners of this years Glastonbury Festival, it is best to maintain a PDF File of the Glastonbury 2016 Festival Lineups that will help you in your journey.

So, we created a mini pdf file. Download it below { The download link is safe}

Open the below link and click on the download button on the top of the google drive page.

Glastonbury Festival | Money Expenses, Gear, Camping, Survival Guide

Glastonbury 2016 Festival Guide on Money Expenses, Food and Accommodation, Camping Places and Survival Guide : There are exactly few days for the Biggest music festival to blow our minds and Before you start travelling into an unknown High with Glastonbury 2016, Plan your expenses and plan the places for accommodation. Here is the Glastonbury 2016 Survival Guide to enjoy your trip to Glastonbury festival without exceeding the limitations on expenses.

See : Glastonbury 2016 Lineup

Glastonbury Survival Guide, Gear, Money Expenses, Food and Accommodation along with Camping places :

Glastonbury campsite, Glastonbury accommodation
Glastonbury Festival Camp Site
Glastonbury is one of the most biggest and hottest Music festival in whole United Kingdom and people from various places in the world book their tickets and attend the festival. With a mammoth count of total 135,000 people attending the Glastonbury festival, people arriving from other areas will have to plan their tour before hand with a checklist in hand. Most of the people doesn't know the prices there and tend to spend more. So, before you get drunk and go bankrupt, Read this little guide to answer some common questions on How much money to take to Glastonbury festival, Glastonbury 2016 Survival Guide, Where to Stay in Glastonbury during the festival, Glastonbury Festival check list, Glastonbury Camping places and How much does the food and accommodation cost in Glastonbury?

How Much money should we take to Glastonbury festival/Money Expenses in Glastonbury :

Most of the people that attend the 5 day festival are youngsters who will be on a tight budget but a little budget spent wisely will benefit you the most. Some people spend more on food and accommodation.

An amount of around £170 - £190 will be enough for the five day trip. This amount excludes the ticket cost and Transport cost to Glastonbury.

How much does the food and accommodation cost in Glastonbury :

Glastonbury has many food stalls that will satisfy your appetite and if you make sure that you are not wasting food., you must be spending around £70 on food. There are also many Eastern and Country cuisines for drunken eating.

Most of the youngsters like camping for the Glastonbury festival and camping costs around £60 for basic tent and sleeping pillow with air mattress.

How much is the Alcohol Price ?

A Pint beer costs around £5 and if you are a heavy drinker, take some extra money with you only for alcohol. There are also some classic alcohol beverages that you can try in any local bars during the trip.

Glastonbury Festival Gear :

Representatives and event managers of the Glastonbury festival advice the participants to bring their gear themselves. Some of the useful gear include :
  1. Flashlights
  2. Reusable water bottles
  3. Toilet papers
  4. Condoms
  5. Raincoats
  6. Boots
  7. Wipes
Back in the days, in 1970's and 1980's, the participants who attended the festival were served free farm milk and to the maximum, it would cost around £20 to complete the trip.

Keep your expenses to the minimum and it will cost exactly around £200{$223}.

Glastonbury rumors 2016 : Performances List for Glastonbury festival

Glastonbury 2016 :Glastonbury festival starts from 22nd June and the main headliners for the event has been declared. With the main headliners being Adele, Muse and Coldplay, there are some artists and band that can make a surprise performance. The rumors have been leaked for the Glastonbury 2016 festival and below artists maybe performing.

Glastonbury 2016 rumors, Glastonbury performances list :

With Coldplay set for headliners on the Pyramid stage, PJ Harvey will play on the other stage. Glastonbury rumors have not been confirmed but these are the artists that may play at the Glastonbury 2016 festival.

Foo Fighters :

Foo Fighters may make a comeback for this year's festival after they were pulled out of last year's festival because of Dave Grohl's injury.

Stone Roses :

After Stone Roses announced that they will have 3 performances/plays and two of them already being in Madrid, Glastonbury 2016 would've been a perfect comeback for the band. Stone Roses is a highly anticipated Band that will be looked out for.

Guns n Roses :

Guns n Roses may be well in talks to play for the festival, as the favorite classics will cheer out the crowd.

Other Artists that are rumored to be playing in the festival include :
  1. Beyonce
  2. Tame Impala
  3. Blur
  4. Mumford and Sons
  5. Rihanna

Radiohead :

Radiohead is one of the most rumored band to be playing at the Glastonbury 2016 festival.

Do not miss the Glastonbury 2016 festival from this 22nd June to 25th June.

Glastonbury 2016 Lineup, Tickets, Official performances, Headliners

glastonbury 2016,glastonbury 2016 festival
Glastonbury 2016 Festival

Glastonbury 2016 : Glastonbury is one of the biggest music festivals ever in the History of music festivals and this year, Glastonbury 2016 festival is here with our favorite bands to entertain us. An absolute music madness with our favorite stars is awaiting from 22nd of June to 26th of June for fans all over the World. Celebrities like Adele, Ellie Goulding and PJ Harvey will be opening the Glastonbury 2016 festival and the list of Line up for this year's Glastonbury has been rumored to be leaked. With a massive number of more than 7000 music bands performing this year, fans will be puzzled in deciding which performance to attend.

Glastonbury 2016 Lineup, Tickets, Glastonbury Official performances/acts list, full schedule :

Every year Glastonbury brings many artists across the world that perform Contemporary arts. The musical event takes place in Somerset, England with and audience of more than 1,80,000. While the last year's Glastonbury festival i.e., Glastonbury 2015 took place from 24th June to 28th June, This year it has been set to rock the fans from 22nd June to 26th of June. The 5 day event attracts many audience across the world who stay there for 5 days giving a rise in economical sector of that area.

Glastonbury 2016 Info, Transport :

Glastonbury festival 2016 is mainly inspired by the cultures of Hippies, Free festival movements and all the money raised during this festival goes to good causes like charity. Most of the Glastonbury staff are free working Volunteers who indulge in Glastonbury festival.

Glastonbury 2016 Tickets :

In early 90's, there was no organization that would properly categorize the ticket system but from 2009, only 1,35,000 tickets are allotted for every Glastonbury festival.

Glastonbury ticket price 2016 : If you are wondering 'How much is the ticket price for Glastonbury 2016 festival'? It is 225 Euros.

All the tickets for the event have been sold and the Ticket resale for Glastonbury festival may be happening. We'll keep updating you on the Resale news.

Glastonbury 2016 Headliners :

The headliners of a festival are the opening acts/most important/popular acts of that Festival. In 2015, Florence and the machine, Kanye West and The Who stood as headliners for the 5 day event.

This year, The Headliners for Glastonbury 2016 are :
  • Muse 
  • Adele and 
  • Coldplay

Glastonbury 2016 Lineup :

Glastofest released an official Image/Poster declaring the official acts for the Glasto festival. Below is the official poster.

Glastonbury 22nd June Festival Lineup :

According to Clashfinder leaks and rumors,

The acts for 22nd June Glastonbury are :

  • Boogie cartel
  • Ben Dorling
  • Sonwah
  • Nacho
  • NineBob
See the Full Glastonbury 2016 festival 22nd June Lineup below :

Glastonbury 2016 festival 22nd June Lineup

Glastonbury 23rd June Festival Lineup :

The acts for 23rd June Glastonbury are :

See the Full Glastonbury 2016 festival 23rd June Lineup below :

Full Glastonbury 2016 festival 23rd June Lineup

Glastonbury 24th June Festival Lineup :

The acts for 24th June Glastonbury are :

See the Full Glastonbury 2016 festival 24th June Lineup below :

Full Glastonbury 2016 festival 24th June Lineup, 24th june acts for Glastonbury 2016

Glastonbury 25th June Festival Lineup :

The acts for 25th June Glastonbury are :

See the Full Glastonbury 2016 festival 25th June Lineup below :

glastonbury 2016 25th june lineup schedule

Glastonbury 2016 festival 25th June

Glastonbury 26th June Festival Lineup :

The acts for 26th June Glastonbury are :

See the Full Glastonbury 2016 festival 26th June Lineup below :
Glastonbury 2016 festival 26th June

Glastonbury 2016 festival 26th June

Tune in for one of the Biggest music festivals of UK on 22nd June to 25th June with Glastonbury 2016 Festival.

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